Lori Cain, Associated Press
Court- appointed defense attorney Daniel Wren, left, represents Lyndal Dale Ritterbush at the Marion County court annex in Salem, Ore., Monday. Ritterbush escaped from the Utah State Prison in 1985.

A convicted child molester who escaped from the Utah State Prison more than 22 years ago will return to Utah within the next couple of weeks.

Lyndal Dale Ritterbush, 62, was arraigned before a judge in Salem, Ore., on Monday on charges of identity theft and being a fugitive from justice. The Marion County, Ore., judge set a $10,000 bail on the identity theft charge, but because there is a fugitive warrant for his arrest in Utah, he was denied bail.

"We have a no-bail warrant for him out of Utah," Utah Department of Corrections spokesman Jack Ford said Monday.

Corrections officials plan to travel to Oregon sometime over the next couple of weeks to pick up Ritterbush and return him to the Utah State Prison.

He waived extradition on Friday.

Ritterbush lived quietly with his wife in Salem, Ore., under the name of his brother-in-law, Robert Collins Rhoden. He was captured after the real Rhoden, who lives in Nebraska, learned that his commercial driver's license had lapsed in Oregon.

That led authorities to Ritterbush's door, where he was arrested on suspicion of identity theft. Under questioning by Oregon State Police detectives, Ritterbush admitted who he really was and said he had been living in the Salem area for much of the time he was a fugitive.

Ritterbush escaped from the Utah State Prison in 1985, where he was serving time for a charge of attempted aggravated sex abuse of a child. He had previously done time for an incest conviction.

Oregon State Police said detectives are still investigating Ritterbush's whereabouts for the past 22 years and if he had any possible victims in their state.

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