LAYTON — Davis County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a man they said kidnapped and strangled his estranged girlfriend.

A Woods Cross woman called police and said her boyfriend showed up at her apartment, asking to talk about problems in their relationship. Deputies said the woman claimed that during a drive, her boyfriend said he would have her beaten up and her body dumped somewhere it couldn't be found for days.

According to a police report, when the woman tried to flee his vehicle, Michael Paul Montgomery, 27, grabbed her.

"He then choked (the woman) until the point she became unconscious," Davis County Sheriff's deputy J. Shuler wrote in a police report.

Deputies said when the woman woke up, she said Montgomery had driven her to an area near Layton. She told police she tried to run, but Montgomery tried to chase her. His car became stuck in a ditch and they had to wait for help from his parents before she was taken home.

Montgomery was booked into the Davis County Jail on investigation of aggravated assault, kidnapping, reckless endangerment and terroristic threats.