Birth & Family Place -

OLENSLAGER, Lindsay and Matthew, Layton, boy, Oct. 22

Ogden Regional Medical Center -

ARGYLE, Dusty and Chad, Roy, twin boys, Oct. 4

BALL, Natasha and BALL, Jesse, Ogden, girl, Oct. 4

BILYEU, Jeanine and William, Thatcher, boy, Oct. 4

BORN, Jennifer Lynn and MCGREGOR, Matthew, Ogden, boy, Oct. 4

BOTT, Elizabeth and Shaw, Ogden, girl, Oct. 13

BUNN, D'lacie and SEWELL, Jered, Washington Terrace, boy, Oct. 15

BUSHMAN, Alleson and Travis, Roy, girl, Oct. 10

CHENEY, Sara and Jason, Perry, boy, Oct. 13

COTTO, Stephanie, Layton, boy, Oct. 5

CRACROFT, Heather and Ryan, Ogden, boy, Oct. 11

DAY, Brittney and Doug, Riverdale, boy, Oct. 5

DEPPEN, Mandy and FOSTER, Joseph, Ogden, boy, Oct. 14

DUNHAM, Erica, Clearfield, boy, Oct. 7

DWAILEEBE, Methany and Richard, Ogden, girl, Oct. 9

EKSTROM, Charlotte and Kim Erick, No. Ogden, boy, Oct. 9

GAYLORD, Brandie and CARVER, Daniel, Clinton, boy, Oct. 8

GNEHM, Jessica and Tyler, Kaysville, boy, Oct. 11

HANSEN, Rachael and HANSEN, Jesse, South Ogden, girl, Oct. 5

HATCH, Dayna and Gregg, West Point, girl, Oct. 5

HICKS, Raquel and FOWERS, Jesse, Ogden, boy, Oct. 4

HOLLIDAY, Heather and Sean, Ogden, boy, Oct. 11

HOPE, Breana and Josh, Ogden, boy, Oct. 12

KENDALL, Heidi and Kyle, Clinton, boy, Oct. 5

LEYBA, Staci and RUDE, Nathan, Harrisville, boy, Oct. 10

MARSHALL, Hayley and Lance, Eden, boy, Oct. 1

MOSES, Kerri and Richard, Ogden, girl, Oct. 12

PANTOSA, Maria and ESPINOSA, Manuel, Ogden, boy, Oct. 4

PASSEY, Kristen and Nate, Washington Terrace, boy, Oct. 11

ROMERO, Brittany and NELSON, Jesse, Ogden, boy, Oct. 14

SIMPSON, Mandy and WALTON, Josh, Ogden, girl, Oct. 6

STRUTHERS, Bethany and Brandon, Clinton, girl, Oct. 12

TABURA, Jennilee and KETTINGER, Josh, Ogden, girl, Oct. 15

TIETJENS, Macey and Jermy, Roy, girl, Oct. 3

UNSWORTH, Lisa and Kenneth, Ogden, girl, Oct. 6

WALPOLE, Samantha, Ogden, boy, Oct. 7

WILGAR, Angelica and Craig, Layton, boy, Oct. 10

YOUNGER, Natalie and Baron, Morgan, boy, Oct. 4

ISAKSON, Charity and Steven, Ogden, girl, Oct. 5

St. Mark's Hospital -

PETERSON, Marcia, Salt Lake City, girl, Oct. 5

PIERCE, Carolyn and Michael, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 25

PLASSO, Donna and Frank, Park City, boy, Oct. 1

POLLUCK, Amanda and THOMAS, Greg, West Valley City, girl, Oct. 5

RIDING, London and Monte, West Valley City, boy, Sept. 25

RUIZ, Celeste and RAMIREZ, Jose, West Valley City, girl, Oct. 4

SALAZAR, Reshohnah and Jessie J., Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 5

SALGADO, Gala and ALVAREZ, Fernando, West Wendover, boy, Sept. 26

SHIMIZU, Cara Cathrine Charity Dye and Scot M., West Jordan, girl, Oct. 7

SKIBY, Chantell M. and Trevor T., Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 30

SPRINGSTEED, Nicki and BEYNON, Kevan, Murray, boy, Sept. 28

STALEY, Jessalyn and Albert, Holladay, boy, Sept. 29

STOWERS, Angie and Ralph, Holladay, boy, Sept. 28

TAFISI, Jean and Sifa, Kearns, boy, Oct. 3

TOREY, Crista and David, West Bountiful, boy, Oct. 3

TURNER, Leslie and David, Grantsville, boy, Sept. 24

ULIBARRI, Melissa and Rocky, Salt Lake City, girl, Oct. 1

VICARS, Stephanie and Cody, Lehi, boy, Sept. 30

WALTERS, Kylie and ALVARADO, Emilio Jr., Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 26

WASINGER, Crystal Star and Benjamin David, Salt Lake City, girl, Oct. 1

ZENTZ, Rochelle and Barry, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 29