With its editorial on waterboarding (Nov. 2), the Deseret Morning News continues to commingle the words "justice," "decency" and "terrorism" as though they have something in common. They do not. There is no decency or justice about terrorism, that's what it's about, a total absence of the two disciplines. And the notion the United States has a responsibility to provide the world a moral example while we risk our own destruction is preposterous.

Wish as we might that decency will somehow triumph over evil, it does not. Evil is destroyed by an overwhelming application of brute force that either kills the enemy or destroys its willingness to resist — the unpleasant fact of war.

If a gun were being held to my family's head, trigger at the ready, and I knew of someone complicit in the crime who had information that would stop the killing, there is nothing I would not do to save my family — the rest of the world be hanged. That is the grim reality of our situation. Who would not do the same?

Richard Ewing Davis

Salt Lake City