OREM — The Utah Flash took 10 players in the 2007 NBA Development League Draft to go with the 10 players they took in the expansion draft in early September.

"We're very excited about what we got in the top of the draft and the athletes we got in the middle," Flash general manager David Fredman said.

The team selected Kevin Kruger, a guard who helped lead UNLV to the Sweet 16 in the 2007 NCAA Tournament, with the 10th overall selection. With the fifth pick of the second round, they took Michael Cuffee, a guard who played at Middle Tennessee State.

"It's gone just the way we wanted it to," Flash owner Brandt Andersen said. "We weren't sure our No. 1 pick would be available because our 2-5 picks were gone. When it came up to us, our No. 1 pick was available, so we got him. We've been really, really fortunate. We got the players that we wanted tonight, so we're happy."

The team held raffles throughout the night and passed out Flash T-shirts, baseball caps and other paraphernalia to the winners. At one point, a team representative tossed out Flash jerseys for fans that were cheering the loudest.

"Everybody's having fun," Andersen said. "The important thing to me is the kids are having a great time. I know because my kids keep running up and saying what a good time they're having. We got a good showing. It's great when season ticket holders come out that we don't even know.

The Flash's war room was a table on a raised platform behind a roped off area. The team wanted the fans to be able to observe the war room from a fairly close distance. Brian Jackson and James Lang, the Flash's top two selections in the expansion draft, were seated at a table and available for autographs and photographs with fans.

"They're great guys and excellent basketball players," Andersen said. "Our one goal is to get them out of here, so they can play for an NBA team."

ON TV: All 24 Utah Flash home games will be televised on KJZZ-TV or on Comcast On-Demand. KJZZ-TV will feature five games live and five tape-delayed games that are scheduled to air immediately following live Utah Jazz games. All 24 games will also be available via Comcast On-Demand. The Flash will also appear on NBA TV a minimum of three times, with the exact schedule to be released by the network and league at a later date.