The Expanded Salt Lake County Council of Governments (COG) has cancelled a 2 p.m. meeting today when they had been scheduled to vote whether TRAX, commuter rail and reconstruction of Interstate 80 should still be funded by a tax increase approved by voters last November.

West Valley Mayor Dennis Nordfelt, the council's chairman, said he and three other members of the council's executive committee decided this morning to cancel the meeting because of lingering questions about rules the group is required to use when voting whether to fund the transportation projects.

"We want to make a good decision, and we only want to make it once," Nordfelt said, adding that he plans to meet with legislative leaders during an Executive Appropriations Committee meeting this month to clarify the rules.

Specifically, Nordfelt said he wanted to know whether the tax hike could be used to fund operation and maintenance costs for TRAX and commuter rail, and what process the council should use to select projects to be funded.

The Expanded COG is comprised of 17 Salt Lake County mayors and the nine-member Salt Lake County Council. Last year, the group promised the tax hike to fund two new TRAX lines, I-80 reconstruction and commuter rail to Provo, but a legislative audit last month said the group used a flawed process to pick those projects for funding.

Legislators then recommended that the Expanded COG take a re-vote on whether the projects should be funded. Nordfelt said he planned to call a second meeting of the COG as soon as the questions are cleared with the Legislature, likely by mid-November.

"A good decision today will still be a good decision two weeks from today," he said. "If we make a bad decision today, we'll be back doing this a third time, and we don't want to do that."

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