Jeremy Hauck

FARMINGTON — Doctors evaluating accused killer Jeremy Hauck's mental state have requested more time to determine whether he is competent to stand trial.

During a brief hearing here in 2nd District Court on Thursday, Hauck's defense attorney said the evaluations have not been completed. Doctors have requested more information, including some of the 19-year-old man's school records, Todd Utzinger said.

"They want to see what his long term history is as best they can, see if there was some period of time where it looks like his illness became apparent," he said.

Utzinger has filed notice with the court that he plans an insanity defense. The defense attorney has previously said Hauck has been difficult to communicate with, and his behavior in jail has been cause for concern.

On Thursday, Utzinger said Hauck "seems to be doing fine, all things considered." In court, Hauck faced straight ahead at the judge, but his eyes occasionally wandering toward the audience. His appearance has changed since he was first arrested. Hauck now sports a slight moustache, and his hair is now long and floppy.

Hauck is charged with first-degree felony murder in the death of his mother, Laura. The young man is accused of shooting his mother in the head, slitting her throat and then dumping her body inside a freezer in the Bountiful townhouse condo they shared in August 2006.

After family members hadn't heard from Laura Hauck in days, they called police officers to get into the home. Inside, police said they found a bloody crime scene and a frozen body stuffed inside the chest-style freezer. It took police three days to identify Laura Hauck.

Jeremy Hauck was arrested days later at a motel in Missoula, Mont.

Speaking to reporters outside of court Thursday, Utzinger said Davis County prosecutors have not brought up the subject of a plea bargain in the murder case.

"It's kind of premature to be talking about plea offers when we don't even know what his mental status is," he said.

Hauck's next court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 13.

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