DANZIG; "The Lost Tracks of Danzig" (Evilive)*** 1/2

Still reeling from the end of Halloween?

Well, head to Saltair on Tuesday and get your fill of some horror-rock, featuring one of the pioneers of terror tunes — Glenn Danzig, along with the Horror Pops and Gorgeous Frankenstein, the band of Danzig's former Misfits bandmate Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein.

Danzig, who fronted the Misfits and Samhain, has returned with a fang-bearing vengeance with the album "Lost Tracks of Danzig."

Fans of the beast-man baritone will find the songs blood-pounding and somewhat comfortingly familiar. (Beware, however, that Danzig is known for his explicit songwriting material.)

This double-CD features 26 tracks that were started during different points of Danzig's musical career. He went back and finished them.

A few years ago, there were rumors of a box set that would feature some B-sides and rarities. While some of these songs were rumored to be a part of that never-compiled box set, this album is better. While there are three cover tunes — David Bowie's "Cat People," T. Rex's "Buick McKane" and the Germs' "Caught in My Eye" — the album also features such brooding originals as "When Death Had No Name," "Cold, Cold Rain" and "Malefical," just to name a few.

His trademark Howlin' Wolf-meets-Jim Morrison delivery finds perfect cadence with the evil-empire marches of "Under Belly of the Beast," "The Mandrake's Cry" and "Lick the Blood off My Hands."

Those who long for the Danzig-style of preternatural punk will find it on "Pain Like an Animal" and "White Devil Rose."

In an eerie dynamic smattering, the album features the acoustic "Come to Silver" and the hypnotic "Dying Seraph," which at some times brings to mind the opening sequence to another Danzig tune, "Little Whip," which was released on his 1994 album "IV."

With "The Lost Songs of Danzig," Danzig displays he still can sing like a banshee. And it will be interesting to attend the show just to see Doyle and Danzig on the same stage, albeit at different times.

If you go

What: Danzig, the Horror Pops, Gorgeous Frankenstein

Where: Saltair, 12408 W. Salt Air Drive

When: Tuesday, 7 p.m.

How much: $25

Phone: 467-8499, 800-888-8499

Web: www.smithstix.com

E-mail: [email protected]