WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton, the pinata of Tuesday's Democratic debate, is turning the tables on her rivals, accusing them of ganging up against her.

In a debate video and in a campaign statement, the Clinton camp is decrying the criticism leveled against her Tuesday night as the "politics of pile-on."

The video, placed on her HillaryHub Web site and on YouTube, shows rivals John Edwards, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Chris Dodd uttering her name in rapid-fire succession to the strains of Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro.

The video then cuts to Clinton:

"I seem to be the topic of great conversation and great consternation and that's for a reason," she says. No matter that at the time she was speaking about Republicans.

The video cuts to black, as the "The Politics of Pile-On" appears on the screen.

In a statement, the campaign also pointedly takes on Obama and Edwards.

"With each attack, Senators Obama and Edwards undermined the central premises of their candidacies," the statement said. "The sunny speeches and rosy rhetoric that once characterized their remarks has now been replaced by the kinds of jabs one typically sees from candidates desperate to gain traction in the polls."

And while Clinton's name may have been frequently on the lips of her rivals, Clinton had her own target. She uttered President Bush's name 25 times during the debate.