LAYTON — Trick-or-treaters who are looking for some quick cash can sell up to 10 pounds of Halloween candy Thursday.

Dr. Terry Preece, at Layton Hills Healthy Smile Center, has purchased more than 1,100 pounds of candy from children over the past two years.

In a news release, Preece said he will continue to pay cash for candy as long as youngsters are willing to give it up.

Thursday's buyback will give youths a chance to sell their candy to Preece for $1 a pound.

"It's more beneficial for me to see that there are children who are practicing preventive dentistry," Preece said. "They are applying exactly what all the hygienists and other dentists are prescribing to the children in our area."

The candy Preece buys from children won't be eaten, instead, will be donated as decorations to the Festival of Trees.

All children are invited to bring their parents, and their candy, to 2152 N. Hill Field Road, Suite 2, between noon and 6 p.m.

Children are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes when they come to sell their candy. For more information, please call Layton Hills Healthy Smile Center at 801-776-3300.