Salt Lake City police detectives investigating the June slaying of a man in his doorway used a search warrant to obtain palm prints from two people already in prison.

Viliami Latu, 34, was shot multiple times June 7 at his house, 1811 Sir Phillips Circle (630 North) just after he answered the door. Three men were seen fleeing the area in a green Ford Explorer right after the shooting.

A few days after the killing, investigators received a call from a confidential informant who said that a man was seen in or near the SUV a short time before the shooting just down the street, according to a search warrant return filed in 3rd District Court this week.

Police put the suspect's name in their computer and discovered he was involved in a gang-related shooting a few months earlier in West Valley. During that incident, the man was found in a green Ford Explorer, according to court documents.

Investigators tracked down the owner of the vehicle, a woman, who later admitted that the suspect and a friend had borrowed her car the night of the shooting and returned it later that evening, court documents state.

Investigators recovered the green Explorer. Earlier this month, they sought permission from the courts to obtain palm prints of the two men who borrowed the car.

Niki Fonua, 24, and Jerry Bloomfield, 26, are being held at the Utah State Prison on unrelated charges.

The palm prints were successfully obtained, but police have not said whether they match prints taken from inside the SUV or if the two can be linked to the homicide.

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