Scott G. Winterton, Deseret Morning News
Randy and Gayla Brinkerhoff decided a few years ago to increase their involvement in their community.

RIVERTON — When Randy and Gayla Brinkerhoff looked into different types of community service, they didn't initially intend to become politicians.

Now after four years serving on the Riverton City Council, Gayla Brinkerhoff has decided to step aside and let her husband run in her place.

After their children were raised and gone, the Brinkerhoffs, longtime residents of Riverton, wanted to be more involved with the community and began looking into several volunteer organizations.

"When the Jordan School District expanded and made two extra precincts, my wife said, 'There's an opportunity for community service,"' Randy said. "I said, 'No way, I absolutely don't want to be a politician."'

He was initially elected for a two-year term and gained re-election, running uncontested.

If Randy is elected to the City Council, state law allows him to maintain his position on the school board as long as he isn't running for the two positions simultaneously. If any conflicts appear, Randy said he can declare a conflict of interest and recuse himself from voting.

Although she's loved working on the city council, Gayla said it's time for her to spend more time with her grandchildren and volunteer with other organizations, such as the Arts Council. Gayla said the City Council has done a wonderful job and she wants that to continue, which is her reason for urging her husband to run.

"I know how he feels for Riverton," she said. "(He's) kind and committed, an honest person who is above reproach. I believe that is so necessary with our City Council nowadays."

Gayla can attest to Randy's credibility from her unique perspectives — as a wife and a neighbor.

After two decades as neighbors, Randy and Gayla were married in 2001, a year after Randy's first wife, Lynnette, who was also Gayla's good friend, died from cancer.

Gayla helped the Brinkerhoff family during Lynnette's battle with cancer, and after his wife's death, Randy wanted to show his appreciation for the service Gayla gave and asked her to accompany him to an event. Six months later, they were married.

Between them, Randy and Gayla have nine children, 25 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. After 29 years of raising her children alone, Gayla said Randy was "worth the wait."

Randy is running against Galen Mills, who Randy says is "a very worthy opponent and a very good man." He added that Mills would do a great job if elected to the City Council but that he would like the opportunity to serve the city.

"(If Randy wins) Riverton City would be in good hands," Gayla said.

City Council elections will take place on Nov. 6.

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