OREM — Cindy Newell probably didn't anticipate the potential of her script when she submitted it to the LDS Film Festival's 7-page script competition last October.

Newell's recognition for a quality screenplay was just the beginning. The LDS Film Festival became a production house for each of the three award-winning scripts. "I was involved in the brainstorming, rewriting, casting calls, wardrobe, makeup, lighting, music and filming," Newell said.

Festival founder Christian Vuissa acted as producer for the short films extending a $500 grant to each. "We purposefully kept the budget small," said Vuissa.

What has been accomplished has given this competition attention. The short films have gone on to perform well at other film festivals. "Wrinkles" won "Best of Utah" and a $2000 production grant from the Foursite Festival in Ogden.

Outside Utah, both "Wrinkles" and Newell's "Repressed Melodies" were well received at Hollywood's Damah Spiritual Film Festival. The Heart of Gold Film Festival in Australia accepted "Repressed Melodies."

Scott Taylor, screenwriter for "Wrinkles," said, "The effects of my participation in the 7-page screenplay competition have been far-reaching."

This year the 7-page script competition is back with a new 12-page script competition. The 7-page scripts will be produced in time for this year's festival. The 12-page scripts will be produced for the 2009 festival.

Scripts for both competitions in this year's festival are due today. Submission fee is $20. For more information, see www.ldsfilmfestival.org and click on "Call for Entries 08." (For an extension, e-mail [email protected].) The seventh annual LDS Film Festival will be Jan.16-19.