In response to the letter "U.S. on road to truth" (Readers' Forum, Oct. 23), I ask, what truth? One of the arguments that Ron Paul brings to his campaign is the idea of doing away with the Federal Reserve. Such a move would be ridiculous. Since its formation in the post 1929-crash era, the Federal Reserve has insured that we have not suffered a depression as the one experienced at that time.

The 1987 crash was the worst in U.S. history. The Dow fell a whopping 23 percent in one day, outshadowing the 1929 crash. However, the Federal Reserve was in large part responsible for keeping the economy from going into a depression.

How can someone who is running for president justify his stance on dissolving institutions such as the Federal Reserve? And more disturbingly, how can even 1 percent of the Republican voters be following him? I hope that the other 99 percent of voters will be more informed on the workings of economics.

Tijs Limburg