HANNAH MONTANA, EnergySolutions Arena, Saturday

The "Best of Both Worlds Tour" featuring Miley Cyrus and her alter ego, Hannah Montana, was loud. But it wasn't necessarily the music or her singing that was ear-piercing. It was the audience members' screams.

Over the weekend, the Disney Channel's phenomenon Hannah Montana made her live Utah debut, and both concerts sold out within minutes.

The sibling trio Jonas Brothers opened the show. Kevin, who will be 20 in November; Joe, 18; and Nick, 15, could have just stood still onstage, and their fans would have still gone crazy. However, with the oldest and youngest playing guitar) — backed by a drummer, an additional guitarist and a bassist — the three literally jumped into a high-energy set that included "Kids of the Future" (from the Disney flick "Meet the Robinsons"), "Hold On," "SOS" and the clever-lyric epic "Year 3000."

Every child, and even some adults, sang every word to their tunes.

Well-choreographed light shows — complete with five LED-panel cubes that hung and moved above the stage, along with a big screen backdrop — drew the nose-bleed sections into the show.

When Emmy Award-winning Hannah Montana (Cyrus' Disney Channel stage name) emerged from one of those cubes singing "Rock Star," it was hard to hear her voice through the audience reaction.

Backed by a tight band that included keyboards, drummer, two guitarists, a bassist and two backup singers, Montana sang "Life Is What You Make It," "Old Blue Jeans" and "Nobody's Perfect."

Not only was the show highlighted by the light show, but a team of high-energy dancers pounced onstage with urban-tinged choreography.

Other songs included "I Got Nerve" and "We Got the Party (With Us)," the latter sung with the Jonas Brothers.

When the blonde Montana re-emerged as her real self — a brunette Miley Cyrus — audience screams got louder (if that was possible).

"Start All Over" introduced the Cyrus-segment of the show, and "GNO (Girls Night Out)," along with "Best of Both Worlds," kept the momentum going.

Throughout the concert, Cyrus (and Montana) interacted well with the audience, and by the time the evening ended with the acoustic-guitar laden "I Miss You," there were thousands of happy kids wanting more.

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