Make no mistake, I was happy to see Boston win another World Series Sunday night, even if the Red Sox did beat the lovable Colorado Rockies, who had suddenly been adopted by many fans from our state.

I just wasn't doing cartwheels afterward.

As I've made known many times in this column, I am a longtime Red Sox fan, going back to my childhood.

I rooted for the Sox in the 1967 Carl Yastrzemski World Series only to see the Cardinals prevail in seven games. I was heartbroken when they lost the 1975 Carlton Fisk Series, again in the seventh game. The worst was 1986 when the @#$%&*! Mets beat Boston in the Bill Buckner Series, also in seven.

Because it was such a long time coming, 86 years after the previous World Series victory and because of the unbelievable comeback from a 3-0 deficit to beat the detested Yankees, the 2004 World Series win was even sweeter.

But now the thrill of Red Sox success is wearing off, I'm sad to say.

Yes, I still follow the Sox scores every day during the summer and I am always aware of where Boston is in the standings. It was a fun summer seeing the Sox in first place all season long even if they did nearly blow it in September.

However, I was probably more excited for the Sox to hold off the Yankees for the A.L. East title than anything since. When the Sox fell behind the Indians 3-1, I found I wasn't that upset and was even feeling happy for Cleveland, which has a long World Series drought of its own going, at 59 years.

Then when the Sox were matched up with Colorado, I kind of thought it would be fun for the Rockies to do well. Kind of.

So what's happening to me? Where has the passion gone?

Perhaps it's because of their success and how so many people have jumped on the Red Sox bandwagon lately.

Over the weekend when I was in Colorado returning for the Utah-Colorado State football game, I saw examples of "Rock-tober" fever everywhere. But it seems like I also saw just as many Red Sox hats and people dressed in Red Sox gear. It's amazing how many Red Sox fans were at Coors Field the last two nights.

Red Sox Nation is everywhere and I'm not sure I like it.

Still ...

I love Big Papi Ortiz, his fun personality and clutch hitting and also for the fact that he is a former Salt Lake Buzz player.

I like watching Manny Ramirez play caroms off the Green Monster and the way he knocks his batting helmet off while running the bases, revealing that weird bandana he wears.

I'm fond of Jonathan Papelbon, not only for his menacing stare on the mound and his smoking fast ball, but for his quirky interviews and his dancing jigs after victories.

I enjoy watching rookies Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury play like veterans even though they look like teenagers.

I get a kick out of the two Japanese pitchers, Dice-K and what's-his-name.

I like the style of the low-key manager Terry Francona, even if I can't stand his incessant spitting.

I think the Jon Lester cancer story is a heart-warming one and it was nice seeing him pitch so well in Game 4.

So yeah, I'll still keep rooting for the Red Sox.

It's just not quite as fun as it used to be.

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