Guillermo Arias, Associated Press
Mexico rodeo: Mexican rider Mariana Moreno, of the Altenas Escaramuza team, competes Sunday for the "escaramuza" category final competition at the National Charro Championship in Morelia, central Mexico.

Colombia: Grandson elected

BOGOTA — The leftist grandson of a dictator was elected Sunday as mayor of Bogota, considered Colombia's second most powerful elected office, in regional and local voting that was largely free of violence.

Samuel Moreno, candidate for the leftist Democratic Pole Alternative party, won 44 percent of the votes compared to 28 percent for his main challenger, former mayor Enrique Penalosa, according to the election registry. The 47-year old Moreno is grandson of Gen. Gustavo Rojas Pinilla.

Germany: No speed limit?

BERLIN — German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday her government would not try to introduce a speed limit on freeways, despite a proposal from her coalition's junior party.

Many stretches of Germany's famed freeways, the autobahn, have no speed limits — traditionally a cherished freedom in a rule-bound country. Members of the center-left Social Democratic Party, who along with Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union make up the governing coalition, backed a proposal over the weekend to introduce a general speed limit of 80 mph on the autobahn.

Haiti: Tropical storm warning

PORT-AU-PRINCE — Tropical Storm Noel formed over the Caribbean Sunday and forecasters warned that the slow-moving system could send flash floods rushing over deforested hills in Haiti before it heads on to Cuba.

The strengthening storm poses a serious threat to impoverished Haiti, which is still recovering from floods that killed at least 37 and sent more than 4,000 people to shelters earlier this month. Noel, the 14th named storm of the Atlantic season, had sustained winds of about 60 mph, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami.

India: Thousands march for land

NEW DELHI — Tens of thousands of impoverished Indians arrived in the national capital on Sunday ending a monthlong march to draw attention to the plight of those dispossessed of their land by recent economic development.

An estimated 27,000 protesters waved flags and chanted "Give us land, give us water," as they marched in long, orderly lines to central New Delhi where they plan to hold a massive protest today. The demonstrators, who marched some 185 miles from the central city of Gwalior, say they have not only been left behind in the wake of India's recent economic boom but have suffered directly from the growth, with many forced from their land to make way for government-backed economic projects.

Israel: Fuel shipments withheld

JERUSALEM — Israel reduced fuel shipments to the Gaza Strip on Sunday, Palestinian officials said, bringing promised pressure on the beleaguered territory's Hamas rulers after months of cross-border rocket attacks.

Mujahed Salameh, head of the Palestinian Authority's Petrol Agency, said diesel deliveries for Gaza's only power plant were 12 percent below normal and gasoline deliveries were half their normal level. He said the Israeli company that is Gaza's sole fuel supplier told him the Defense Ministry had ordered the limits.

Italy: 15 migrants drown

ROME — At least 15 migrants drowned in the waters off the Italian coast in two separate incidents, including the disintegration of a boat that spilled more than 100 passengers into rough seas, reports said Sunday.

More than 120 people were on board a boat that ran aground about 200 yards off the Calabrian coast, the "toe" of boot-shaped Italy, near Roccella Jonica, the ANSA and Apcom news agencies reported. Illegal migrants routinely are ferried in overcrowded boats by smugglers making the lucrative run between North Africa or Turkey and Italy's southern coast.