Cameron Robinson
Cameron Robinson, our letter writer of the month for September, says he sends letters to the editor "looking for ideas and feedback." Originally from Idaho, he and his wife and three children now reside in Riverton. His name often shows up in the mail bag at the Deseret Morning News. Readers don't mind.

'Right' keeps changing

It's so hard to care for Mother Earth these days. What's in is out, what's out is in. Good is now evil and evil good. There seems to be no solid ground for those trying to save the planet.

For years we were told the right answer to the question "Paper or plastic?" was plastic. Now San Francisco has banned plastic grocery bags.

For years we were told that having too many kids would be our ruin. Now the United Nations says the developed world's economy just might crumble because there are too few people.

Walk instead of drive? Because of the replacement cost of the calories you burn, walking is far more harmful to the planet than driving.

Flatly stated, it's just too hard to do right," because it keeps changing. From organic milk to cloth diapers, what the activists once told us to do is now being reversed.

Science is the answer? Which answer? The one that said we're all gonna die from global cooling or the one that says we're all gonna die from global warming? There's a lot of money and a lot of lives riding on the answer. Choose wisely.

Cameron Robinson


Sept. 20, 2007