The Weber County Sheriff's Office is re-examining its procedures when transporting inmates after a 16-year-old murder suspect escaped from Ogden's 2nd District Courthouse.

The boy, who police said had also smuggled a handcuff key, was captured a couple of blocks away after a brief chase.

Already, Weber County Sheriff's officials said they have identified a couple of areas where the system broke down.

"The procedure is correct, but it wasn't adhered to correctly," Weber County Sheriff's Capt. Klint Anderson said Friday. "We don't let prisoners out of our transport vehicle until the bay doors are secured."

The boy was being transported from the Farmington Bay Youth Center to the 2nd District Courthouse for a hearing on Thursday afternoon. As the door was closing on the sally port underneath the courthouse, Anderson said the deputy hit a button to open the minivan door. The teen then jumped out, rolled underneath the closing garage door and fled.

"That was split-second timing on that kid's part," Anderson said.

Deputies chased down the boy and re-captured him in a church parking lot at 27th Street and Lincoln Avenue. As they searched him, Anderson said officers discovered he had a handcuff key.

"We've got to figure out where he got the key," he said. "If this was part of some sort of conspiracy or negligence, then that person needs to be held responsible as well."

Under questioning, deputies said the 16-year-old was surprisingly forthright," and did not implicate anyone else. However, investigators are still trying to learn where he got the key.

Farmington Bay Youth Center director Tony Hassell said Friday that state investigators were summoned to look into the escape attempt, and the juvenile detention facility is also conducting its own investigation.

The teen is in custody, but was not returned to Farmington Bay, Hassell said.

Police said the young man is facing murder and robbery charges in connection with a gang-related shooting in Ogden.

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