OREM — Do you find it's becoming more difficult to get from here to there in Utah County?

Or do you think the transportation plan in Utah County makes sense?

Or do you just want to know why they are doing what they are doing?

The folks who make those road-construction plans want to hear from you.

To encourage public participation — and to get public comment — officials at the Mountainland Association of Governments held an open house on Wednesday.

In addition to MAG, the Utah Department of Transportation, Utah Transit Authority, cities and the companies working on transportation projects answered questions and took comments from the public.

Andrew Jackson, MAG's regional planning director, said the open house provided a better setting for the public to inquire about projects than a public hearing.

Now in its 10th year, the open house started out with just the transportation entities but has continued to grow, with the cities taking part, said Nan Kuhn, Mountainland's public participation director.

Those who ventured to Orem did so for many of the same reasons: to find out what's going on in the valley and to ask questions.

Members of Brigham Young University civil engineering classes came to take part in the discussions.

Brandon Thompson, a student from Gilbert, Ariz., said he went to see the process and, as an engineering student, to see one of the phases of development.

Paul Jensen, an engineer with Horrocks Engineers, a company working on state Route 92 and several other projects in Utah Valley, said he had hoped to see more people attend and suggested more open-house locations.

Sean Allen, Pleasant Grove city planner, said it was nice to be able to be in the same location with other cities and organizations to see other developments and plans outside of a meeting setting.

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