Northern Region

BEAR LAKE: Fishermen casting off the marina in the mornings are doing well, but it depends on the day. For those in a boat, the fish are in shallow water and are aggressive. Of three fish caught by one fisherman, one was seven pounds, one was nine pounds and one was about 16 pounds. The biggest was caught in only six feet of water.

CUTLER : This is a sleeper fishing water. For the past few weeks, reports have been that people have had good success for mud-cats using night crawlers. One angler reported catching a large walleye north of Benson Marina.

HYRUM : The few anglers fishing at the dam on Oct. 13 were catching nice rainbows (12 inches) and some smallish perch using night crawlers.

ROCKPORT : Cooler weather seems to have improved rainbow trout fishing. night crawlers and marshmallows have been productive baits.

UINTAS: Snow has definitely come to the high country, so use great caution in preparing to fish these waters. Some anglers have reported great fishing this past week, but the weather is changing daily.

WEBER RIVER: Good fishing is reported on the upper Weber River for whitefish and brown trout. Try prince nymphs and hares-ears. The recent survey of the lower Weber from Mountain Green downstream turned up a few nice browns, but the populations were definitely lower than the upper river.

Central Region

DEER CREEK : Gillnets were just pulled and results were good. More perch were found this year. All fish were in good health and a couple of 31-inch walleye were even in the nets. Anglers report fair to good success. Boats can still be launched from the Island boat ramp but at owner's risk. Trout and bass anglers report fair to good success from both shoreline and from boat by using traditional methods and baits.

JORDANELLE : Fair to good success for trout from both shoreline and boat. Bass are still being cooperative to date. Trout prefer trolled pop gear, Rapalas or other flashy lures. Bait anglers are having at least "fair" success from shore or by bottom fishing from a boat.

PROVO RIVER: Success continues to be good for trout by using traditional small surface or subsurface flies or nymphs. Spinners are having some success as well.

STRAWBERRY : Kokanee run is over. Fishing for trout was reported as fair to very good. Pointer minnows cast toward shoreline or by weed beds or jigging with tube jigs have been effective techniques. Dark Wooly Buggers, minnow imitating lures or simply traditional baits are working as well.

YUBA : Slow success for walleye and northern pike. An occasional trout is being caught and, of course, perch are being caught but they must be immediately released.

Northeastern Region

CURRANT CREEK : Reports of fair to good fishing from anglers. Cooler weather has brought the fish back up towards the surface.

FLAMING GORGE : Good to excellent fishing for small lake trout on most areas of the . Fish are in traditional areas on underwater humps and points. Fishing for smaller lake trout (less than eight pounds.) from Big Bend south in 70 to 100 feet was fair to good. The canyon area in Utah was producing limits of fish with very fast catch rates. Good colors for spoons and plugs include chartreuse, orange and white. All kokanee caught from now to Nov. 30 must be immediately released. Good fishing for rainbows on most of the . If fishing from a boat, try trolling spoons or Rapalas with downriggers or try long-lining with at least 100 feet of line behind boat. The majority of fish seem to be in 30 to 50 feet but fishing in shallower water now will be good with cooler water temperatures. Try fishing for burbot with jigs late in the afternoon, early morning or at night on points coming into . These fish move in and out from deep waters so adjust your location accordingly. Anglers are reporting that they are catching burbot in 100 plus feet of water during the day and shallower during the evening. Smallmouth fishing is fair to good as fish have moved into shallower water. Use twist tail grubs on lead head jigs or small plastic worms, sinkos, twitch and crankbaits in about 5 to 30 feet of water off rocky shorelines and points.

GREEN RIVER: Good fishing on the river. The traffic on the river has dropped and fishing success has increased. Dry flies are still working in numerous patterns but have slowed. Nymphs almost always work so shift to these presentations if you are unable to connect on the surface.

RED FLEET : Recent reports indicate good fishing for rainbows with an occasional brown trout. Bass and bluegill fishing was slowing with some good fishing at times. Try fishing the shoreline areas with the most cover such as rocky points or submerged vegetation.

STARVATION : Still getting reports from anglers of fair to good fishing for yellow perch, walleye and bass. Brown and rainbow trout fishing has picked up due to cooler water temperatures. Bass and walleye will be found near rocky shoreline structures or along the weed beds looking for perch and other prey, especially during the warmer hours.

STEINAKER : Anglers reported fair to good fishing for rainbows, bass and bluegill. Try to find areas with cover such as rocks and submerged vegetation. The fish are moving into the shallows looking for minnows and other prey.

Southeastern Region

SCOFIELD : Fishing success good or very good. Boaters have had success trolling various gear, including pop gear, spoons, crankbaits, etc. Anglers fishing from anchored boats have done well using PowerBait and worms, marshmallows and worms or worms alone. Shoreline anglers continue to do well with PowerBait and worms or marshmallows and worms.

Southern Region

FISH LAKE: Splake have moved into shallow water. One report of good fishing using Wooly Buggers from shore after dark. Also try jigging just off the weedline. Tip jigs with sucker or perch meat for best success. Trolling for rainbows should remain successful for a while.

NEWCASTLE : Wiper fishing is hit and miss some success reported fishing very early and very late. Fair to good success for medium-sized smallmouth bass casting crankbaits and lures in the shallow upper end of the.

OTTER CREEK : Rainbows have moved in shallow and fishing from shore is good. Trolling should also be successful.

PIUTE : Trolling is still fair to good and should be getting very good as the water cools. Shore fishing will improve as fish move into shallow water again

QUAIL LAKE: Bass fishing was hit and miss. Fishing should pick up as the weather cools. Try chartreuse curly tail jigs or crayfish-imitating lures.

SAND HOLLOW : Fishing is still good for small bass, but anglers have had a harder time finding the big fish. Bass are found in most habitats, from the rocky dikes to submerged brush.