Proctor and Gamble's decision to build a paper products manufacturing plant in Box Elder County has been hailed by officials and the Deseret Morning News as a great accomplishment. With all of the material written I could not find one reference to environmental impact concerns. There have been lawsuits charging P&G operating plants with pollution of air in Wisconsin and of water in Florida and California. Making paper products requires copious amounts of water. Many strong (dangerous) chemicals are used, which produce various waste byproducts and gases. Solid waste is usually dumped somewhere on the land.

The location west of Bear River City is some distance north of the Bear River Bird Refuge but is in the direct flyway for geese and other water fowl migrating twice each year.

People making the decisions are expected to protect the environment along with attracting industry. Why didn't they mention the safeguards — if any — to protect the environment? Will we be asking ourselves 20 years from now, "What were we thinking?"

Fred Lowell Petersen