Move over, peace and happiness. Computers are what Americans really want nowadays.

As an Associated Press story on Page M3 points out, the machines that feed us infinite and instant information, store our digital memories, give us hours of fun with games, videos or music and help us do our taxes outrank peace, happiness and clothes this year as the most wished-for gifts, according to an annual U.S. survey.

Last year, the most popular answer to the survey's open-ended query about respondents' holiday wishes was clothing, followed by peace and happiness, money and then computers. This year, after computers, peace and happiness came in second, followed by a big-screen TV, clothes and then money.

"The fact that they want computers over clothing and peace and happiness is amazing," said Shawn DuBravac, the CEA's economist. "It's a testament to what the tech industry has done to empower the consumer."