Richard Eyre's logic on vouchers is about as soft as the filling in his cookies.

Utah does not spend $7,000-plus per-pupil for education. The 2006 per-pupil expenditure in Utah was $5,397 (Deseret Morning News, Oct. 17, 2007).

A student transfer to a private system does not "leave money behind in the classroom," as stated by Eyre. State funds are not given to a school district for students not enrolled (Utah Voter Information Pamphlet).

Class size is reduced? Perhaps. School districts use a full-time equivalency formula for allocating teachers and class size. If a class has insufficient numbers it is dropped. Remaining students are distributed to other classes and the teacher may be reassigned.

"The teachers union, whose job is to keep the status quo and protect the jobs of even the worst teachers ...," is an absurd statement. Eyre's contempt for educators is evident. Utah schoolteachers and the public deserve better than this.

Morris F. Lee