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Winter Sounds

The band Winter Sounds has gone through some changes.

First was its lineup. While founder Patrick Keenan is still the bassist/vocalist, there are two new guitarists — Clayton Taylor and Gene Woolfolk — as well as a new drummer, Mickey Gilbert.

Also adding to the changes is the fact that keyboardist Gina Asalon, while still a member of the band, isn't on tour this year.

Taylor did the explaining by phone from Columbia, S.C.: "Gene and I had known the Winter Sounds for quite some time. And when the other guitarists (Joseph Kass and Tim Lily) stopped working with the band, Patrick called us up for a temporary gig. But after a year, it's shaped up to be permanent. And it was sort of the same situation with Mickey replacing Donovan (Babb)."

As for the absence of Asalon, Taylor said she wanted to stay home to take care of some personal matters. "She's still in the band, but just not with us this time out."

Keenan, who joined the conversation a little while later, said the lineup hasn't changed the band's outlook or goals. "The bottom line is the fact that I've been wanting to play music ever since I can remember. I wanted to be in a touring band and — with this lineup — that is even more possible because the people want to be on the road. It's not glamorous. We spend a lot of time in the van, and beds are a luxury. But the fact is, we're playing to people. We're making music. And that's what this is all about.

"And don't even talk to us about money. It is pretty non-existent as well. And while that issue is a challenge, it isn't stopping us from playing our music."

When Keenan was maturing, he wanted to be on MTV. "I wanted to be a rock star. But as I grew up and discovered the independent music scene, I felt that was more my area because I would be able to maintain control of my own music and not have anyone tell me it's bad."

Taylor, on the other hand, wanted to be a pop singer like Michael Jackson during Jackson's multiplatinum '80s-era reign. "If not him, there were other '80s musicians that I would have loved to have been, but being a part of the Winter Sounds is more fulfilling than I ever thought."

Although he and the other newbies don't appear on the new album "Porcelain Empire," Taylor said he's looking forward to making a new album next year. "There is something about Patrick's lyrics that get me. I love the way his words come together poetically."

Keenan is also looking forward to making an album with the new lineup. "We need to get what we do onstage onto a CD. "There is a chemistry here that I never thought I would ever be a part of."

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