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Stuporhero musicians took their time on "Last Star Shining."

Bassist/vocalist Jen Garrett and guitarist/vocalist Will Troy of the band Stuporhero love loud punk rock. But when they decided to start their fourth band together, they wanted to do something a little different.

"We thought it would be fun to be a little more poppy," Troy said during a speaker-phone interview from their home in Seattle. "We wanted to focus a bit more on harmony."

"But we still like punk," said Garrett.

Stuporhero is a stop on the ongoing musical journey that Garrett and Troy have been on since their youth.

Troy started off by playing trumpet in elementary school. And Garrett fancied the violin. But other music was heard throughout their respective homes.

"My mom and dad were a little bit hippie," said Garrett. "So we had a lot of the '60s music in the house, and, of course, the Beatles."

"I was raised on jazz, classical and pop," said Troy. "I just liked music of all kinds."

Through the years, especially the past five, Troy and Garrett have collaborated on a few projects. And like the different bands they played in, the music styles leaned heavily in the punk direction, although they did play in a roots /bluegrass band Chucklin' Suzy.

"Music has always been fun to play," said Garrett. "But it's been a bit difficult for us because we still have day jobs. And it's quite interesting, juggling our schedules so we can go on tour."

While that may sound familiar to many up-and-coming musicians, the way Stuporhero records CD is a bit different. Instead of working a long time on their first album, 2006's "It Would Be Nice to Wake Up," and rushing through songs for the follow-up, this year's "Last Star Shining," the band did just the opposite.

"With the first album, we did it pretty quickly," said Troy. "But we took a long time to get things ready for 'Last Star Shining.' We wanted it to sound together. We had a lot more material for it, and we chose the songs we wanted after careful consideration."

Both Troy and Garett said they also know a little more of what they're doing as musicians and recording artists. "When our first CD was recorded, we hadn't even played a live show, yet," said Troy. "But we have a good idea of what we need to do and what we're doing now."

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