Logan High School administrators said today they do not plan to repeat a hypnotist's entertainment show after a girl ended up being hospitalized.

The show, which was a fund-raiser for the high school's drill team during last week's homecoming, abruptly ended when police said several young women felt nauseated and short of breath. Logan police said a 17-year-old girl ended up going to the hospital, where she was later released.

"She was hyperventilating and very panicky," Logan Police Capt. Eric Collins told the Deseret Morning News on Monday.

Collins was attending a volleyball game at the next-door gymnasium and came out to see the girl being wheeled into an ambulance. He went inside the auditorium, describing the scene as "chaotic," and said the hypnotist was trying to bring people out the state they were in.

"It's a hypnotist we've used before — same jokes, same timing and everything," said Mike Monson, support-services director at Logan City School District. "For some particular reason, and he's not sure, a couple girls started to hyperventilate."

There were hundreds of people at the show last Thursday.

The hypnotist, Dale Bowman, could not be reached for comment.

"He was perplexed by what occurred. He did a very nice job of trying to get people back to their normal state of mind," Principal Patricia Hansen said Tuesday.

There will be no show in 2008.

"We'll be looking for a few more car washes," she said.