Brennan Linsley, Associated Press
A woman sits with her dog in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico, Monday. She said that during last week's raid by city workers and an animal control firm, she hid the dog to keep it from being taken away in enforcement of no-dog policy. Local outrage is growing over the seizure of dozens of animals who were apparently thrown off a bridge and left for dead.

Afghanistan: Would-be bomber

KABUL — A mother who tried to stop her son from carrying out a suicide bomb attack triggered an explosion in the family's home in southern Afghanistan that killed the would-be bomber, his mother and three siblings, police said Monday.

The would-be bomber had been studying at a madrassa, or religious school, in Pakistan, and when he returned to his home in Uruzgan province over the weekend he announced that he planned to carry out a suicide attack, Interior Ministry spokesman Zemeri Bashary said.

Surviving family members told police that the suicide vest exploded during a struggle between the mother and her son, police said. The man's brother and two sisters were also killed.

Britain: Party leader resigns

LONDON — The leader of Britain's Liberal Democrat party resigned Monday, a surprise move by the popular veteran lawmaker, ex-Olympic athlete and strident critic of the Iraq war.

Menzies Campbell steps down after 19 months as head of the third-ranked party, a period during which he has been dogged by claims that at 66 he is too old to challenge his rivals, particularly Britain's main opposition leader, David Cameron, 41.

France: Suspect identified

PARIS — First Interpol unmasked his face. Now it knows his name.

The international police organization, working off tips from people who responded to a global appeal for help, said Monday it has identified a suspected pedophile shown in Internet photos abusing young boys.

The man, whose face initially was disguised behind a digitalized swirl, is now thought to be on the run in Thailand, Interpol said. He is said to be an English teacher at a school in South Korea. Interpol did not release his name.

Iraq: 4 civilians killed

BAGHDAD — Suspected Shiite militiamen hit military bases with mortar rounds and sprayed machine gun fire at a Polish helicopter Monday, setting off fierce fighting that killed at least four civilians in a volatile area south of Baghdad.

It was the latest flare-up of internal Shiite feuds that threaten to destabilize the oil-rich southern region and undermine U.S. progress against al-Qaida in Iraq elsewhere in the country.

Turkey: Closer to Iraq action

ISTANBUL — Turkey moved closer to opening a new front in the Iraq war Monday, with the government asking parliament to approve a cross-border offensive against Kurdish rebels. Still, its leaders were reluctant to stage an incursion that could hurt Turkey's standing with Washington.

Parliament was widely expected to authorize the Cabinet's motion seeking authorization for a military campaign in northern Iraq, and NTV television said there will be a vote Wednesday.

But government spokesman Cemil Cicek indicated the government would not immediately order its troops across the border, possibly to see if the United States and Iraq attempt to crack down on the rebel Kurdistan Workers' Party.