OREM — The busiest dot-commers in Silicon Valley may have nothing on the techies at Utah Valley State College.

Beginning next semester, the soon-to-be Utah Valley University will unveil a new Web site, www.uvu.edu, and assign new e-mail addresses to all employees that end in @uvu.edu.

"The average Web page probably has four to five references to 'UVSC' or 'Utah Valley State College' or the logo," said Ray Walker, UVSC's chief information officer. "We're talking about a total of 60,000 Web pages to convert."

Currently, www.uvu.edu features a countdown clock to July 1, 2008 — the date set by the Utah Legislature for Utah Valley State College to become a university.

But starting in January, it will begin to replace www.uvsc.edu.

"It will be a gradual transition, really," Walker said. "The new-student part of the Web site should be up in January for the new students who start applying. We'll start to bring up the other pieces from that point on until July."

High school seniors and other people who begin school fall 2008 will never identify the school as a college, and the Web pages they frequent will get highest priority for transition to www.uvu.edu. More obscure pages that receive less traffic, such as professors' pages, will be a lower priority. People can expect to use www.uvsc.edu through next year when accessing some obscure pages, Walker said.

Students applying for graduate school will also use www.uvu.edu.

The first master's program at Utah Valley University will be in education.

"We'll be working with the education department and whatever organization that will run the graduate programs," Walker said.

Next fall's incoming students seeking admissions information from the school electronically will correspond to an address ending in @uvu.edu.

But most UVSC employees will not get new e-mail addresses until May or June.

The two domains — www.uvsc.edu and www.uvu.edu — will work concurrently for a while. So if you need to e-mail that old professor, you may not need to track down a new e-mail address.

"It hasn't been determined when we'll shut it off," Walker said. "It'll be determined by traffic."

UVSC's techies have already transitioned parts of the "backhand infrastructure," meaning certain Web portals that maintain student records have been converted.

Five Web programmers are doing the bulk of the information technology work required for university transition, Walker said.

Walker hasn't hired extra employees, but his department is "not doing a lot of other things right now."

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