Bosnia-Herzegovina: Mass grave

SARAJEVO — Forensic experts have exhumed the remains of 226 victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre from a mass grave in eastern Bosnia, officials said Thursday.

The mass grave, the third found in Zeleni Jadar, near Srebrenica, and one of dozens discovered in eastern Bosnia, contained only 34 complete bodies, while the rest were incomplete, said Murat Hurtic, the head of the forensic team.

This mass grave, like most of those found in the Srebrenica area, is filled with bodies moved from an original mass grave to try to cover up the crime, officials said.

Colombia: Ex-official convicted

BOGOTA — A former justice minister was convicted Thursday of masterminding the assassination of presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galan, a cartel-fighting politician.

Alberto Santofimio was sentenced to 24 years in prison by a Bogota court for ordering a hit squad belonging to drug kingpin Pablo Escobar to kill Galan in 1989 to boost his own candidacy and prevent Escobar's extradition to the United States.

Pakistan: Bhutto to return

ISLAMABAD — The party of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto said Thursday she will return to Pakistan next week to campaign for parliamentary elections even though Gen. Pervez Musharraf wants her to delay until his new presidential term is confirmed.

Bhutto plans a grand homecoming Oct. 18, to resurrect a political career on hold since she went into self-imposed exile in 1999 to avoid corruption charges.

Poland: Canine apology

WARSAW — A court has ordered an opposition party to apologize publicly to the speaker of parliament for making what it said were false claims about him and his dog in a campaign ad, a court spokesman said Thursday.

The Left and Democrats opposition party claimed in a radio ad ahead of Oct. 21 general elections that Speaker Ludwik Dorn's schnauzer Saba destroyed furniture in government offices he used in his previous post as interior minister, and that Dorn had refused to pay for the damage.

The party accused the ruling Law and Justice party, to which Dorn belongs, of misusing public money.

Wojciech Malek, a spokesman for Warsaw's district court, said that the court determined that the information was false and ordered the Left and Democrats — an alliance of former Communists and center-right politicians — to apologize in radio broadcasts that must run three times over three days.

Venezuela: Concert unplugged

CARACAS — Venezuela's government has blocked a popular Spanish singer from using a stadium because he criticized President Hugo Chavez three years ago.

Higher Education Minister Luis Acuna said Alejandro Sanz would not be allowed to hold his scheduled Nov. 1 concert at the Poliedro — a state-controlled stadium — because of his past criticism of Chavez and his "Bolivarian Revolution," a political movement named after independence hero Simon Bolivar.