The folks from FSN-Utah were in town earlier this week to film a series of promotional spots for their Utah Jazz coverage.

It's part of a seasonlong campaign that's costing no small amount to produce and, we're promised, will look really polished and professional.

Given that it's planned as a seasonlong campaign, the folks from FSN-Utah were understandably interested in making as sure as possible that the Jazz players in the ads are actually going to be with the team for the entire season. Specifically, they asked Jazz officials if Andre Kirilenko should be part of the ad campaign.

Jazz officials told the folks from FSN-Utah to go ahead and use Kirilenko in the spots.

You may draw your own conclusions here ...

SOME IDEAS SEEM so good and so simple, you wonder why it took somebody so long to come up with them.

Case in point — KJZZ's weeknight "Powerhouse" sports show (9:35 p.m., Ch. 14), which is a completely logical extension of the weekend sports shows that air on just about all the local stations. And a logical extension of KJZZ's sports programming.

It's a lousy title, but a great idea that's developing nicely in its first couple of weeks on the air.

SPEAKING OF GREAT ideas, kudos to KJZZ for picking up the Utah State-Hawaii game and airing it last Saturday night.

It was a highly entertaining game, and it was kind of fun to hear the "homers" from the Hawaiian station telecasting the game.

Hey, using a closer-than-anticipated win over winless USU as justification for Hawaii's high ranking was downright hilarious.

IT WAS WITH some amusement that I read a letter to the editor that appeared on our opinion page on Thursday — a letter that took me to task for last week's column, in which I took a backhanded slap at the production values on The mtn.

My amusement came from the fact that readers have never been shy about letting me know when they disagree with something I write. The e-mail frequently runneth over.

Nobody smacked me upside the head on that one — with the exception of letter-to-the-editor writer Steve Hurlburt, who is the executive producer and director of programming for The mtn.

(The fact is that if I want to elicit lots of e-mail from people telling me they agree with me — which I never do on purpose — all I have to do is criticize The mtn.)

So here's my challenge for you, dear readers. Watch a game and the studio show on The mtn. this weekend. Watch a game on NBC, ESPN or Fox. Keep in mind that Hurlburt insisted The mtn.'s "standards are no lower than theirs."

If you've got time and access, check out the coverage on the Big Ten Network.

Let me know what you think.

(Preferably, I'd like to hear from people who don't work for any of the networks mentioned above. Or at least let me know who you work for.)

Thanks in advance ...

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