Recently, indiscriminate killing of Iraqis by employees of the contractor Blackwater has received considerable attention. That was intensified last month after a spontaneous shootout that killed 11. Currently, these mercenary soldiers are not subject to the military justice system or the U.S. civilian justice system for any alleged crimes.

On Oct. 4, the U.S. House of Representatives passed HR2740, which will require that soldiers in the employ of independent contractors, such as Blackwater, be subject to prosecution in U.S. civil courts. That bill passed with a vote of 289 yeas and 30 nays.

Among the 30 representatives choosing not to hold these mercenaries accountable for killing other human beings was Utah's Chris Cannon.

What is Cannon thinking?

How can his vote be considered to represent Utah values, support the troops and be in the best interest of this country?

Dennis L. Kay

Salt Lake City