Mikhail Metzel, Associated Press
A soldier stands guard at a new monument to Sputnik at Russia's cosmonaut training center in Star City outside Moscow. Engineers, military officials and former cosmonauts on Thursday celebrated the 5th anniversary of the launch of the world's first artificial satellite, Sputnik, which marked the dawn of the space age.

Congo: 25 die in plane crash

KINSHASA — In a thunderous blast, a cargo plane slammed into an impoverished residential neighborhood in Congo's capital seconds after takeoff Thursday, leaving at least 25 people dead in a smoky wreckage of concrete blocks and twisted debris.

The fiery crash underscored the dangers of flying in Congo, which has experienced more fatal air crashes than any other African country since 1945, according to the Aviation Safety Network. The turboprop belonged to the Congolese company Africa One, which has been barred from flying in the European Union because of safety concerns.

France: Terror warning

PARIS — The CIA has warned its counterparts in Europe of the possibility of terror attacks in several countries, with Paris' sewage system among the suggested targets, a French official said Thursday.

The agency warned that al-Qaida agents may be planning suicide or bombing attacks in London and cities in Italy, France and Germany, Le Monde newspaper reported.

Iraq: Deadly power struggles

BAGHDAD — Roadside bombs killed the top Shiite official in a volatile area south of Baghdad and an anti-al-Qaida Sunni sheik to the north Thursday as internal power struggles within both Islamic sects threaten to complicate U.S. efforts for stability.

Car bombs, meanwhile, struck Iraqi civilians in Baghdad and the northern city of Tal Afar, with at least 31 people killed or found dead nationwide, according to police reports.

Abbas Hassan Hamza, a political moderate and the top official in the Iskandariyah district, was killed by a bomb that struck his convoy while he was going to work, a police officer said. And Sheik Muawiya Naji Jbara, the Sunni head of the Salahuddin Tribal Awakening Council, died from injuries he suffered after a roadside bomb exploded as his convoy traveled near Samarra, 60 miles north of Baghdad, his brother said.

Ireland: IRA veteran dies

DUBLIN — Dan Keating, an IRA member and the last surviving veteran of Ireland's 1919-21 war of independence from Britain, has died, his nursing home and fringe political party said. He was 105.

Keating joined the 1st Kerry Brigade of the Irish Republican Army in 1920 and, as a rifleman, took part in two major 1921 ambushes that left at least five police officers, four British soldiers and five IRA members dead.

Russia: Remains unearthed

MOSCOW — Workers rebuilding a 19th-century Moscow house unearthed the remains of nearly three dozen people apparently dating back nearly 70 years — to the era of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin's political purges, police said Thursday.

Police also found a rusted pistol on the estate where the remains of an estimated 34 people were found, some with gunshots to the head, police spokesman Yevgeny Gildeyev said.

The remains were found Wednesday under a basement of one of the estate's buildings, and more could be found, he said.