WOODLAND HILLS, Utah County — After two weeks of efforts, work crews finished repairs on Woodland Hills' lone water pump Wednesday afternoon.

Workers restored the Maple Canyon well's flow at 4 p.m. and spent several hours pumping water on the ground to flush out any contaminants, said Councilman Charles Spence. He said the city's water crisis is over for the time being.

"We survived it," he said. "No fires, no problem."

The shaft of the well — which Woodland Hills shares with Salem — broke early in the morning Aug. 19. Crews pulled the 10-year-old pump out of the 350-foot-deep well and assessed damages. They also set up a temporary pump to provide emergency supplies to Woodland Hills residents. Mayor Toby Harding said they also brought in emergency tanks and recommended residents take measures to conserve water.

Now that the pump is back online and the tank is full, the water restrictions have been lifted, Spence said. But he suggested residents continue to boil tap water for a few more days just to be safe.

"We're not sure about the contaminants yet," he said.

Spence said the crisis taught city officials the importance of redundancy, so they're requiring a new 350,000-gallon storage tank to be built in the near future.

"This is something we didn't plan for, but now we'll have a back-up plan," he said.