Seldom sunny in Philadelphia

Andrei Kirilenko was mum Monday at the Jazz's media day on details regarding his meeting with Jerry Sloan.

Yet in saying little, he said a lot.

For instance, when a reporter asked: "Do you stand by what you said (regarding playing elsewhere)?" he replied, "Yes."

Asked if he regrets anything he said during the offseason, he said: "No."

Only this and nothing more.

Can he iron things out with Sloan?

We can only go by what he said in recent weeks.

Quoth the Russian, nevermore.

The most interesting observation likely came from Matt Harpring, who when asked about tensions between Sloan and Kirilenko, replied: "I dealt with Allen Iverson and Larry Brown (in Philadelphia,) and they had many, many situations."

Yeah, and everyone knows how well that worked out.

Mum's the word

Notre Dame is having its worst season in 119 years.

So bad, in fact, that even before the Irish's fifth loss of the year, coach Charlie Weis said: "You keep going until there's payoff."

Just a suggestion: Never use the term "payoff" when you're talking about college football.

Beyond the glory

Tennessee women's basketball coach Pat Summit announced last week she won't be scheduling games with arch-rival Connecticut anymore.

The move didn't sit well with UConn coach Geno Auriemma, who fired back, "I think she should just come out and say she's not playing us because she hates my guts. Then everyone would be happy."

Besides, if hating someone's guts is reason to end a series, Utah and BYU would have stopped playing long ago.

Getting personal

That tirade by Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy — castigating a newspaper columnist at a news conference — was an all-time sports moment. In his rant, Gundy claimed The Oklahoman's Jenni Carlson made him embarrassed to be involved in athletics.

He went on to say a column she wrote was hurtful to a player and that the editor that allowed the column was "garbage."

Good point.

You never want to say anything hurtful.

Hail to the victors

Headline in The Onion satire publication after Michigan's loss to Oregon last month: "Michigan Drops To Division III In Polls Following Second Loss."

The story concluded: "Michigan is currently ranked seventh in Division III football, ahead of fan-favorite Wesley but behind perennial powerhouse UW-La Crosse."

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