Rocky Maughan

Rocky Maughan's math and science instruction has a long reach.

Maughan, who teaches fifth grade at Canyon Elementary in Hyrum, has helped create an interactive math and science enrichment DVD with Utah State University researchers. The DVD has been distributed to districts across the state and marketed throughout the country.

"He is one of those teachers you want your children to have," principal Kelly Rindlisbacher said.

A teacher of 28 years, Maughan followed in

the footsteps of his grandfather, a high school chemistry teacher. He's never wanted to be anything else.

"I just love children and care about them, and I like to see them get the excitement of learning and enjoy school and loving to learn — all of those things.

"It's been fun; a nice journey."

Maughan's work has been lauded in the past, with math and science teacher of the year and local school teacher of the year honors, Rindlisbacher said. The principal describes Maughan as inventive, caring and calm in any situation.

"He is well-liked and well-respected and a great man."