LANSING, Mich. (AP) — With only hours left before the new fiscal year, legislators scrambled to reach a budget deal that would plug a $1.75 billion deficit and avert a partial government shutdown.

The Legislature needs to create a spending plan in time for the fiscal year to start today or most state government operations will cease, including food safety and gas pump inspections, liquor deliveries, lottery ticket sales, the issuance of driver's licenses, and road construction.

In one of the first signs a shutdown was looming, campers were asked to leave some Michigan state parks Sunday night.

Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm has told about 35,000 of the state's more than 53,000 workers not to report to work today if a shutdown occurs. The remaining workers, mostly related to public health and safety, would stay on the job.

The state House and Senate on Sunday night overwhelmingly passed a temporary budget extension that would give them 30 more days to craft a long-term deal and sent it to Granholm for her signature. But the threat of a shutdown remained, since the budget extension can't take effect without passage of measures increasing the income tax rate and either extending the sales tax to services or ending tax exemptions for some businesses.