Tom Smart, Deseret Morning News
Elissa Wall speaks Tuesday during a press conference in St. George following the trial of Warren Jeffs. As the prosecution's star witness, Wall testified she did not want to be married to her cousin, and begged Jeffs to be spared from the union.
Following is a statement from Elissa Wall, a prosecution witness in the Warrent Jeff's trial, released Tuesday:

"When I was young, my mother taught me that evil flourishes when good men do nothing. This has not been easy for us. The easy thing would have been to do nothing. But I have followed my heart, and I have spoken the truth.

"What Lamont and I would like to convey our love to our families. Mother, I love you and my sisters unconditionally. I will go to the ends of the earth for you. I understand and respect your convictions, but I will not give up on you.

"I have very tender feelings for the FLDS people. There is so much good in them. I pray they will find the strength to step back and re-examine what they have been told to believe and follow their hearts.

"This trial has not been about religion or a vendetta. It is simply about child abuse and preventing further abuse.

"I hope that all FLDS girls and young women will understand that no matter what anyone may say, you are created equal. You do not have to surrender your rights or your spiritual sovereignty. I know how hard it is, but please, stand up and fight, fight for your voice and choice. I will continue to fight with you.

"To those who have been there to support and keep Lamont and myself encouraged, words cannot begin to express our gratitude. I hope the FLDS people will feel the same kindness as they make their difficult journey.

"I would like to thank Brock Belnap and the prosecuting legal team for all their kindness and hard work. There's a saying by Emily Dickinson that says, 'Opinion is a fleeting thing, but truth outlasts the sun.'"