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Jared Young, left, and Laurel Warr rehearse the new musical "The White Star" at the Pardoe Theater green room at BYU on Aug. 9.

PROVO — It's really no accident that Doug Stewart's new play, "The White Star," deals with redemption and God's healing power.

Stewart took up his dusty rough draft written 20 years ago and fashioned them into a play that helped him heal from the wounds and pain of personal tragedy after his son committed suicide in early 2006.

"It really caused me to dig deep," Stewart said. "I've been trying to redeem him."

He showed the script to Janice Kapp Perry and the serious work began.

Today, a story of a family in spiritual crisis with 17 original songs is ready to play on stage at Brigham Young University during Campus Education Week.

"We designed it to travel, It plays for four nights at BYU followed by four performances at Timpview High School (Sept. 7, 8, 14-15)" Stewart said, "So if people like it and come to see it, we'll take it to Salt Lake City, Ogden, Las Vegas and St. George, then to the seven regional states."

Fifteen people make up the cast which focuses on a young man who decides to change his life and that of his father after a visit from an angel.

"The real magic of it happens when an angel takes the young man on a journey to meet his ancestors who care about him and his family," said Stewart. "It involves visuals and effects as he visits the City of Enoch, Zarahemla, etc. It's hugely technical. It's really cool."

Jared Young plays the lead with a fabulous voice and tremendous acting skill, Stewart said.

A.J. Longhurst is the visiting angel. Margo Watson plays the mother and Alan Humpherys plays the father. Anna Kaelin is the sister and 10-year-old David Warr plays the younger brother.

Josh Tenney takes on the role of Luke, a born-again Christian comic relief character.

Angels and ancestor roles are played by Chuck Gilmore, Matt Dobson, Lucas Charon, Laurel Warr, David Weekes, Leslie Nelson, Katie Tenney and Shoni Winkel.

The play is directed by George Nelson with Greg Hanson in charge of the orchestration.

Stewart said the show is a spiritual journey that is uplifting and inspiring.

A CD of the original music will be available within the month. Tickets for the Timpview performances are available at: www.whitestarmusical.com.

If you go

What: "The White Star"

Where: Pardoe Theatre, Harris Fine Arts Center, BYU campus

When: 7:30 p.m., Aug. 21-24

Cost: $10 at the Fine Arts Ticket Office, Harris Fine Arts Center

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