The Citizens Council on Alcoholic Beverage Control is going to try again to toughen the regulations that detail how the state's liquor reform law is to be implemented.

Council members had suggested last week that the regulations be amended to require that servers maintain control of how much a customer drinks as well as just keep track of the number of alcoholic beverages sold.But the regulations went into effect June 3 without the proposed change. State Alcoholic Beverage Control commissioners had already tentatively approved the regulations pending any negative comments.

Stanley Altman, chairman of the citizens' council, told members meeting Wednesday that their suggestion was not considered negative and so was not reviewed.

Council member Robert Leake said the commission's inaction on the proposed change was irresponsible.

Altman said he, too, was upset that the commission had not taken their request more seriously.

Altman said he would send a letter to the commission asking them to considering amending the regulations to add the words, "and control" to a sentence that states a customer must be within a reasonable proximity of a table "to ensure that the server can maintain a proper tab and control on the amount of alcoholic beverages consumed."

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control staff had pointed out that the proposed change had already been brought up at a public hearing on the regulations. Commissioners heard a report on the hearing before taking action on the regulations.