In response to the growing needs of the hungry, Utahns Against Hunger is urging Utahns to set aside a portion of the produce from their home gardens and fruit trees to share with their neighbors in need.

"Grow a Row for the Hungry and then Share the Harvest" is the theme of the group's spring and summer outreach for this food distribution program. "Share the Harvest" distributions are planned this fall in Ogden, Provo, Price, Richfield, Mount Pleasant and three Salt Lake County sites. Others are under consideration for both northern and southern Utah.Besides providing much-needed food to hungry citizens, "Share the Harvest" allows UAH staff and volunteers to provide information on resources and assistance programs. It also makes available churches, families and individuals to help neighbors in need.

Because of cutbacks, this year's harvest may be shared without government cheese or surplus commodities. Donations of home fruits and vegetables will be important to the program's success this year. UAH is also anxious to work with family or commercial farmers willing to allow volunteers to "glean" their fields.

For more information, call Grady Walker at Utahns Against Hunger, 328-2561 in the Salt Lake area, or toll-free 1-800-453-3663.