American Consolidated Mining Co. officials announced that bulk testing for gold and silver at the company's ore deposits in the Clifton Mining District on the Utah-Nevada border will begin later this month in a new processing plant.

William D. Moeller, company president, said the plant was developed after intensive testing, analysis and studies of the unique molecular structure of the ore.The new plant uses an environmentally acceptable hydrometallurgical extraction process designed specifically for gold and silver that works well on the mining district ores, Moeller said. It was designed and constructed by Anthony Lane & Associates, Tucson, Ariz., and has a capacity of 60 tons of ore per hour.

It is a self-contained system to produce gold and silver precipitate, which can be reduced to gold and silver bars by a simple smelting process, he said.

American Consolidated holds patented and unpatented mining claims on about 8,000 acres of land under development for the past eight years. Moeller said the Clifton and Gold Hill areas have been the focus of many mining operations since the late 1800s, and it has been estimated that early miners took 25,000 ounces of gold and 870,000 ounces of silver from the area.