The State Legislative Committee of the American Association of Retired Persons has voted unanimously to oppose efforts to place three tax initiative proposals on the ballot this fall.

The resolution reads, in part:"The Utah State Legislative Committee of the American Association of Retired Persons opposes current efforts to roll back state and county taxes. AARP urges citizens not to sign petitions being circulated in Utah and to take their names off if they have signed."

The resolution says tax decisions must be made by elected representatives, "who must consider both taxes and our need for services, not just half of that equation." It also says states that have passed tax limitation initiatives have been plagued with special fees, while essential services have declined.

"As taxpayers, we thoroughly understand the necessity of obtaining full value for our dollars. And we commend the effort of any group to monitor governmental expenditures. But AARP is obligated to older persons in Utah who are dependent on such revenues to maintain an acceptable existence. Cutting essential items like police protection, paramedic assistance and the many services funded by the Medicaid state and federal partnership would make living intolerable for many."

The resolution says that other groups besides the elderly would be adversely affected.

AARP, based in Washington, D.C., has more than 115,000 members in Utah and 28 million nationwide. The non-profit, non-partisan association for those older than 50 offers membership benefits, legislative representation on federal and state levels and educational and community service programs.