The Dallas Cowboys announced Sunday running back Darrin Nelson, one of four players obtained in the trade with Minnesota that sent Herschel Walker to the Vikings, had decided he did not want to be a part of the deal.

Nelson flew to Dallas Friday and after less than 48 hours in the city he told Coach Jimmy Johnson he did not want to play for the Cowboys."There are provisions in the trade for such an eventuality," a Cowboys spokesman said Sunday prior to Dallas' meeting with the San Francisco 49ers.

Although those provisions were not made clear, it was thought the Cowboys will receive a second-round draft pick in either 1990 or 1992 because Nelson did not report to Dallas.

"Darrin just didn't feel comfortable coming here," Johnson said. "I think he was only going to play one year before he retired anyway and he has a lot of ties in the Minnesota area."

Three of the other four players obtained by Dallas in the trade - cornerback Issiac Holt and linebackers Jesse Solomon and David Howard - were in uniform Sunday.

"The influence of the new guys helped," Johnson said. "They were a positive influence on the team. They didn't even know where to line up, but they jumped up and said they wanted to play on the kickoff teams."