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PROVO — The prices for burial plots in the Provo City Cemetery rose 25 percent to 33 percent on Monday.

The cost of a cremation plot jumped 100 percent as fee increases approved by the Provo City Council went into effect for the new fiscal year, which began Sunday.

Cemetery fees had not been adjusted since 1994, Provo Parks and Recreation Director Roger Thomas said.

"Typically the cemetery will do an annual survey of other cemeteries in the valley and around Salt Lake City to see if our fees are in line with other cemeteries," Thomas said. "We've taken the position we don't want to have the lowest or the highest fees. Our survey in June 2006 showed we no longer were within that market range."

The fee increases are not high enough to cover the cemetery's costs.

"We're not fully self-supporting," Thomas said. "There is a subsidy. The increase in the rates will help reduce that subsidy."

Residents will pay 25 percent to 29 percent more for a burial plot under the new fee structure.

A plot with a flat grave marker costs Provo residents $700, up from $500. The price of a plot with an upright headstone rose to $800 from $600.

Nonresidents will continue to pay more than residents for Provo plots. A plot with a flat marker jumped to $900 from $600 for a non-resident and a space with an upright marker rose to $1,000 from $700.

The biggest fee increases are for cremations.

A cremation plot costs $300, up from $150. The fee for opening and closing the ground for a cremation plot jumped to $200 from $100 without a vault. With a vault, the price rose to $250 from $100.

The fees also rose for baby plots, recording work, disinterments and other services.

Costs for cemeteries had risen significantly since Provo's fees were last adjusted in 1994, Thomas said.

Higher water, electricity and gas prices have affected the cemetery's operations and budget.

The cemetery has four full-time employees, including the sexton, and one part-time staffer. Four to 10 seasonal employees help maintain the park.