The oil-rich Persian Gulf states have agreed to give the Palestine Liberation Organization a massive subsidy to finance the 6-month-old uprising in the Israeli-occupied territories, the PLO said Thursday.

Sources in other delegations at the Arab Summit said the amount may exceed $100 million per year.Earlier, Saudi Arabia and North Yemen called on the Arab states at the summit to take Egypt back into the Arab League but were rebuffed by the summit host, Algeria, officials said. The league expelled Egypt after it signed a peace accord with Israel in 1979.

The summit, due to close later in the day, was called primarily to discuss the Palestinian uprising in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. More than 200 Palestinians have died since the uprising began Dec. 8. Two Israelis also have died.

PLO leader Yasser Arafat initially asked the summit to provide $600 million a year. He said the revolt cost the PLO more than $50 million a month in relief, compensation for wages lost by striking Palestinians and medical expenses of injured rioters.