Why is "An Affair to Remember" so popular?

Perhaps because it's the kind of film "they just don't make anymore."Of course, any movie with Cary Grant is worth a look, but this one is an interesting blend of comedy and high soap opera as two strangers (rant and Deborah Kerr) meet during an ocean cruise and make plans to meet in New York some months later.

Fate steps in and everything does not go as planned.

Funny and teary, "An Affair to Remember" is a delightful movie with two delightful stars, and you can see it Thursday for free.

To get into screenings of "An Affair to Remember" at the new Holladay Center Cinemas you must have an original ad from the newspaper (here is one in this section today), which is good for two people. If you have more than two in your party, you can always pick up another copy or two of the Deseret News from newsstands around town. You cannot purchase tickets to the film, however, and seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

"An Affair to Remember" will be shown only Thursday, with several screenings beginning around noon. Showtimes are listed in the ad running Wednesday and Thursday.

The new, plush Cineplex Odeon Holladay Center Cinemas is a six-plex located on 48th South, north of the Cottonwood Mall.