The new-arena plan has the blessing of Utah Jazz officials, who had studied other sites and possibilities as they looked for a new building and more seats.

"We're in favor of it," said Jazz president David Checketts. "There are just a tremendous number of details that will need to be worked out, and if we're going to do it, we need to do it right. But I really sense a commitment to get those details worked out to everyone's satisfaction."Jazz officials have studied their need for a bigger home for about 18 months and received several inquiries from public and private land developers and neighboring city governments, but they agreed recently to set any plans aside for the moment until the latest plan was unveiled. "I'm amazed it's come together this fast," said Checketts. "I'm amazed that everyone understands what we've understood for some time - and I don't want this to sound wrong - that it's a good thing for the community. . . . I just feel really good with the direction that we're going."

If they had started from scratch themselves in planning and building a new arena, the Jazz would have done some things differently than suggested by this plan. "But who said what we had envisioned or dreamed of was exactly right? The thing I feel good about is it will be best for everyone involved," said Checketts. "The attitude's right."