A 1988-89 fiscal general fund budget totaling $937,783, a road fund budget of $120,000 and a storm drain fund totaling $33,000 were approved by city council members Tuesday night.

The council also approved a water fund budget totaling $388,884, which includes $70,000 to purchase a new reservoir site, and reopened the city's 1987-88 fiscal budget originally set at $1,107,029 and amended it to $1,031,031.Garbage collection-and-disposal fees have been taken under advisement. Any charges passed on from the burn plant to the city may be passed on to users, said City Manager Bret Wahlen.

Wahlen said the increase is necessary because of the increased tipping fees charged by the county's sold waste burn plant in Layton.

"We're just passing through the increased fees. No part of the $1.50 increase will be going to the city."