Riders on the Pony Express route galloped out of Echo en route to Evanston, Wyo., early Wednesday.

Frank Cattelan, who operates the Echo Cafe, quoted Steve Dangerfield, a rider from Bountiful, as saying that there were a total of 21 riders and an equal number of horses when the party arrived at This Is the Place Monument early Wednesday.One rider at a time carries a mail pouch, which is transferred between horses as the riders travel a part of the trail eastward.

The riders are re-enacting the 1860-61 ride of the Pony Express between Sacramento, Calif., and St. Joseph, Mo., a distance of nearly 2,000 miles.

Through Utah each rider travels about 2 to 3 miles before he turns the mail pouch over to another modern Pony Express rider. The pouch is called a mochila - leather skirtlike material placed around the saddle of a horse.

Cattelan said Dangerfield told him the group planned to arrive at the Wyoming state line about 11:15 a.m.

Lt. Gov. Val Oveson, an avid horseman, was among riders scheduled to make the trip Wednesday through part of Utah.

Ernie Medina, Grantsville, was in charge of the ride.